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He never had a sense of belonging or being part of this new culture and attempted to change himself for the promise of being accepted and to fit in.
Access Consciousness certified facilitator, naturopath and
videographer, Max creates change for people in all areas of
their lives. What else is possible?

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Access Consciousness is a different point of view about life.

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I'm so grateful for your facilitation in front of the camera - it shifted so much for me! And I'm really excited to see the video later, wow!


Thank you, the three calls were very cool. It has created much more ease for me with technology and especially with receiving and creating too. Very cool. Thanks!


Thank you so, so much Max! The boys and I got back and it feels like we are on a completely different train ride - it's such a different energy amongst the three of us. A weekend with you - changed my reality! Thank you!


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