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This could be a title for the page

This could be a title for the page

And a description. We can have a big photo just below or under the form.

Meet the creators

Gary Douglas (Founder) & Dr Dain Heer (Co-Creator)
of Access Consciousness.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

What would your life be like if judgment was just
an interesting point of view?

Or we can put the form here

With description below and photo on the right

This is the MailChimp form – which is actually used around the website, near the footer. Since its created with the free version MailChimp for WordPress plugin that allows only one form…well modifying it, will also modify it around the website. So… what else is possible?

This is the form using the Contact Form plugin, that as, you know, works. For the person to be signed up to the newsletters in MailChimp it is required to check that checkmark above the button.
At the moment, I haven’t found a way to hide that checkmark and be checked automatically.
Does it work for you to have it there, visible for people?
What else is possible?