Max Zoulek's

Stunning videography

Watch some of Max’s favourite videos created for a variety of international facilitators and speakers.

Class invitation video: Shannon O’Hara’s 3-day body class

Filmed over 3 months with renowned international Access Consciousness Facilitator Shannon O’Hara in 3 different body classes – Austria, China and the Netherlands. This video invites viewers to discover the magic of bodies across the world.

Class showcase video: Suzy Godsey and the magic of ESSE

The Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) can undo the solidification locked into the body’s connective tissue. What energies could you utilise to melt all physical solidification? Filmed in Vienna, Austria, as well as several live classes worldwide; to show the unique nature and diversity of this body work.

Class invitation video: nature spirits live streamed class

What beings have you perceived that are beyond your minds eye? What if you received possibilities and contribution beyond what the linear world will allow? The spirits of the earth are here for you. This video was created using stock footage, music and a simple but powerful voiceover by Shannon O’Hara.

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Beautiful photos

We live in a visual world and how you show up on screen matters. What energy can you
be to bring a different reality to your business and online profile?