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Meet Max

How does it get any weirder than this guy?

Creating change

An eclectic, passionate man, Max has achieved in many fields including martial arts, mechanical engineering, naturopathy, videography and land management and continues to create new horizons for fun and change.

Expanding possibilities

A full time Access Consciousness certified facilitator, he is also an integral part of the Access Consciousness team expanding live streaming possibilities globally.

About Max

Max grew up in a middle class family that migrated from Germany to Australia when he was 8 years old.


From that time on, he never had a sense of belonging or being part of this new culture and attempted to change himself for the promise of being accepted and to fit in.


Luckily, that never happened!


For 12 years after completing his schooling he was a seeker of an answer that always seemed to elude him.


Looking through the lenses of Naturopathy, Eastern cultures, men’s groups, neurolinguistic programming, community living, motivational seminars and inner work therapies, nothing created the lasting change he was after.


When he discovered Access Consciousness, he realised that he had never been looking for an answer but the ability to ask the questions that would create the life he desired…


…for him AND the world!


The world is a big place.


Are you willing to enjoy it?


OH… that includes you, you sexy, crazy, creative humanoid!


What if everything could come to you with Ease, Joy and Glory?


Would you choose it??

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